Privacy Policy - Personal detail protection

We know that you care about your information and trust us to use it carefully and in a responsible manner. We will only retain your personal information as long as necessary for the fulfilment of those purposes as have been identified by us This page describes our privacy policy and forms part of our terms and conditions.

We believe it is important to protect personal data as defined in the Data Protection act and our commitment is to give you personalized service in a way that also protects your personal privacy.

You provide us with your Personal Information for the specific purpose of undertaking our matching process and identifying potential lenders based on such information. By submitting such Personal Information, you consent to our processing of such information, disclosing such information to the lenders who you select and for such lenders to further process your Personal Information.

This policy explains how we collect personal data and the security measures we have in place to protect your personal data, and tell you of the thing we do and don’t do.

The data that we collect: What loan you are looking for, ID number, title, full names, contact details (cellphone number, email, etc.) the company that you work for details and your salary detail like your gross salary and net salary, also banking details bank, account type, account number these parts of information get collected from your application on Credit U.

Some personal data that we hold may be ‘sensitive personal data’ within the meaning of the data protection act.

We collect and may hold personal data from you via this Website and from third party sources and use it for making decisions, providing services and servicing our relationship with you, to understand your financial needs, to assess your application for credit, to conduct our business, to provide you with better customer services and products from both ourselves and those of selected third parties, to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing of the Website and for statistical analysis. We only collect information which is necessary for the operation of the provision of our Service to you. We will not keep your personal data for longer than necessary to provide the Service, or as required by law.

We may pass this information to other members, lenders, banks, as permitted by law so that they may do the same and they may pass information held by them about you to us so that we may do the same. In the provision of our Service to you, we may disclose your information to the following third parties who may provide us with further information about you, such third parties may also be required to disclose your information to selected third parties in relation to this application, and as required by law, such as Credit Reference Agencies, corporate groups and/or affiliate companies, any other ccredit provider in the context of your current application form to assist you in your application, any collector or tracing agent, to any company, business and/or any prospective purchaser of our company. The reason we collect your information is to perform a credit risk assessment and prequalify you for a the best possible loan, that suits your credit ability. We only ask for the information we need in order to do this. Your information will be used to send to our service partners, our partners will then perform a full risk assessment and decide if they are able to deliver on your loan requirements.

We reserve the right to access and disclose to third parties any information to comply with applicable laws, including but not limited to, disclosure in accordance with the Act, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and lawful authority requests, to safeguard the proper operation of our systems and to protect ourselves and our customers/prospective customers. By submitting an application form through this site, you agree that we can contact you by post, telephone, sms and/or email (or such other channel we may adopt from time to time) to tell you about other products and services, offered by ourselves or other carefully selected companies and credit providers, that we believe would be of interest to you. We may also pass your information to third party financial services companies for the purpose of them telling you about their services or products. If you do not complete the application in full, we may not be able to fulfil our role in assisting you find finance.

All information submitted via you application is submitted voluntarily and is held safely and securely by us in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We require all parties to whom we may pass your information to treat it with the same degree of confidentiality.

If you would like to object to the processing of your personal information, or if you have any queries about how we use your information, please let us know by contacting us

Loan terms and cost of credit:

  • Loans terms – 1 month loans up to 72 month loans
  • Loans Available R1,000 up to R250,000
  • The Annual Interest Rate is a maximum of 27.5% as prescribed and governed by the NCA (National Credit Act, 2005) for unsecured loans with a repayment period of 7 months or more.

A representative example of this is:

  • By submitting an application form only you agree to the following, Terms and Conditions
  • You the applicant agree that the information that you enter is true and correct.
  • You the applicant agree that a credit check and all necessary checks may be conducted by ourselves or our business partners and financial houses for full application review purposes.
  • You the applicant understand that all loan applications are subject to income & expense and employment confirmation.
  • Credit U is not the credit provider and does not make the credit decisions.
  • By submitting the Application form, you hereby state that you understand these terms and conditions .
  • If your loan is approved you will be notified within 24hours.
  • By Completing our online application form, Credit U does not guarantee a successful loan application.


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